Branding Guidelines

By Caleb Hou

For more than 95 years, the Order of the Arrow has served hundreds of thousands of Scouts. Today the OA has more than 170,000 members all around the world, doing good every day. The arrow that we use to symbolize cheerful service has been in use for just as long. However, our visual brand never felt completely unified. Our identity as an organization seemed disconnected from the Boy Scouts of America, and it failed to provide brand resources to lodges and sections. With that in mind, the brand & identity team of the national OA communications team worked closely with the BSA on the OA’s new brand to create updated logos, a comprehensive brand guide and a variety of templates.

The center of the new brand is the signature logo. This new logo ushers in the modern age, giving our identity a clean, elegant and professional feel. It also aligns us well with the BSA’s signature logo format. Even better, the signature is customizable for every individual lodge, section, region and committee. The Order of the Arrow’s new signature logo will help every Arrowman to identify as a member of Scouting’s National Honor Society.

To go along with this new logo structure, the brand & identity team has released updated brand guidelines. This highly detailed resource is available to everyone and can help Arrowmen at any level of the organization to create an effective brand. Previously, many of our members saw the arrow as a malleable brand element, and altered it as they saw fit. This constant alteration of the logo ultimately diluted its strength. Now, we have set out clear, easy guidelines to maintain our brand’s potency.

The guide clearly defines each practical usage of the OA’s logos. There are examples of logo usage to help answer any questions. Additionally, there are templates for newsletters, email signatures and much more available on the OA website. The ultimate goal is to create a simple, effective brand that serves lodges, sections and regions.

The motivations of the new OA brand are twofold: to emphasize our alignment as Scouting’s National Honor Society and to make our brand more useful to everyone. All of these great new resources can be found OA website.

If you have any questions about the OA’s new brand send us an email at We’d love to hear from you.

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