Ask the Chairman - Ceremonies II

Q. Mr. Chairman,
I am writing this email in regards to national policy on ceremonies. A few years back, national brought out black sashes for use in ceremonies, are those still acceptable for use or should they be removed from the ceremonies?


A. Hi Jason,
There is a section on Page 32 of GTI and Page 28 of GOA that discusses sashes. Ceremonialists should wear their current Order of the Arrow sash during the ceremony. This would be red and white and indicate the ceremonialists current honor (i.e. a Vigil Honor member would wear their Vigil sash even if they are Kitchkinet in the Ordeal ceremony). The National OA Committee has not produced black sashes for use in ceremonies. Here's the policy in GOA:

"All principles and helpers who conduct the ceremony should wear appropriate American Indian attire and their current Order of the Arrow sash."

And further discussion in GTI:

Members' Uniforms
All members attending an Order of the Arrow ceremony should wear the Order of the Arrow sash and be in correct Scout uniform. Only youth members under the age of 21 who are participating as a principal or an assistant in the ceremony are allowed to wear American Indian costumes. Youth that do not have a part in the ceremony and all adults should be in complete Scout uniform with their Order of the Arrow sash and must not be in American Indian costumes or wearing pieces of American Indian regalia.

I hope this helps! If you have any further questions please feel free to ask.

Yours in Service,

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