Ask the Chairman - Why was the Lenni Lenape dictionary removed from the latest OA Handbook?

Q. Dear Ray,

Why was the Lenni Lenape word list left out of the new edition of the OA Handbook distributed at NOAC? I have found the list very useful for determining Vigil Indian names.

Thank you,

A. Dear John,

The Order of the Arrow Handbook is undergoing a fundamental transformation to ensure that the information within the handbook is relevant to today's Arrowmen, especially the new member.

The 2015 edition of the handbook shows the first steps in this transformation with a modern updated design, our first in color, along with numerous updates and shifts in the content to allow the information to be of value to a majority of Arrowmen. The basic idea is to make the handbook a "welcome to the OA resource" for new Ordeal and Brotherhood members to include everything they need to get started in the OA.  

As you noted the Lenni Lenape dictonary has been widely used in determining Vigil Honor names, and the editorial board felt that resource should continue to be provided to our lodges and those involved in the Vigil Honor name selection process, thus it has been moved from the back of the handbook to the official OA website so that it is available all the time to anyone with an internet connection. The board also concluded that while this information is relevant for the Vigil naming process, its relevance to a majority of Arrowmen, particularly our new Arrowmen, was not such as to continue to have it incorporated within the handbook.

I hope this helps,

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