Ask the Chairman -  Where do you place the anniversary award sash patches?

Q. Ray,
As a youth I earned the 60th Anniversary Award and now as an adult I am progressing towards earning the Arrowman Service Award.

When I complete the requirements, you have said that we could wear both patches on our sash.

I have heard that both should be worn above the "Brotherhood bar", but in what order? I have also heard that each patch should be worn, one above, and one below ("the Brotherhood bars"), but in what order?

What is correct on placement and order?

Yours in Brotherhood,

A. Ron,

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your story. I’m pleased that you earned the 60th Anniversary Award and wish to wear it alongside the Arrowman Service Award.

The Arrowman Service Award is to be sewn with its lower edge one-half inch above the upper Brotherhood bar. The 60th Anniversary Award can be sewn onto the same sash one-half inch below the lower Brotherhood bar. For Arrowmen who earned the 50th Anniversary Award, placement of their patch would be in a similar position to that prescribed for the 60th Anniversary Award you asked about.

In the rare case that someone has earned the 50th Anniversary Award, 60th Anniversary Award and the Arrowman Service Award, the 50th Anniversary Award should go under the lower Brotherhood bar followed by the 60th Anniversary Award. Place one-half inch of space between the bar and the patch and the two patches.

Thank you for participating in our Order’s 100th Anniversary Celebration.


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