Ask the Chairman - When will the Centurion Award recognition take place at NOAC?

Q. Ray,
When will the Centurion Award recipients be honored at NOAC? There are some award recipients within the lodge that cannot attend all week, so they would like to attend the day that is most important for the Centurion Award.

Thank you,

A. Theresa,
Thanks very kindly for your question regarding Centurions and NOAC. There will be a dedicated forum for recognizing and honoring Centurions at the conference. The event will take place on Friday, and will be open to all NOAC guests and staff. There are other planned (less formal) recognitions during the week, as well. More importantly, we will advise Centurions attending NOAC as to when they should wear their award (whenever in Class ‘A’ uniform) so that conference guests may interact with them and gain from their experience, thereby making their recognition free-flowing throughout the duration of the NOAC.

A very important consideration as you chat with folks who are unable to attend NOAC: given capacity constraints of the conference and the Michigan State University campus and the MSU required background security checks for all participants, we cannot accommodate any unregistered guests at NOAC. Arrowmen should not take it upon themselves to just show up at NOAC hoping to make an appearance (even for the day). I ask the favor that you spread this word, since folks who show up unregistered will be turned away and are sure to be very disappointed. More information on the No Day Visitor Passes Policy was posted previously.

We recognize that many Centurions will not be at NOAC, which is why it is so important for these folks to be recognized in their home council at an appropriate time (e.g. lodge banquet). This award is in the spirit of a hometown hero, so we really consider the local recognition to be even more important than anything we have planned at NOAC.

Continue to read NOAC email updates and details at the NOAC 2015 Event Promotion Site for more program information about the Centurion Reception, which will be published in the upcoming weeks as we approach NOAC.

I hope this helps!


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