Ask the Chairman - When should the OA troop representative wear his sash?

Q: Ray,
I read the rules regarding when it is appropriate to wear the OA sash to troop meetings.
My question is: If the Scout is serving as the OA troop representative should they wear the sash, or is this where the policy points to only during elections? If he is identifying himself as an Arrowman and as the OA’s representative within the unit, should this Scout be wearing his sash?
Thank you for the clarification and for your service.

A: Mitch,
I would say that a OA troop rep would not wear the sash at all times at troop meetings or campouts. He has a position patch (and hopefully lodge flap) to signify those duties. The sash would be worn by the OA troop rep in his troop while he is conducting his OA duties. This includes a unit election, speaking at the court of honor to tell parents about the OA, giving the report on the OA activity in which he participated, or attending the patrol leaders’ council while they plan the calendar and he is responsible for having the troop avoid conflicts with longstanding OA events. 
I hope this helps,

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