Ask the Chairman - What sign does a Cub Scout leader use when reciting the Obligation?

Q. Ray,
I joined the OA as a youth in Boy Scouts. After a hiatus, now that my son is old enough to be in scouting, as a Cub Scout, I have become active again as a Cub Scout den leader. I have also become active in the OA once again. My uniform is the standard uniform, but with blue epaulets, for Cub Scouts.

When at OA meetings, I am a little confused as to which Scout sign I should use. Should I use the Boy Scout sign when saluting the flag, and reciting the obligation since the OA is tied to Boy Scouts, or should I use the Cub Scout sign, since I am in a Cub Scouter uniform?

Yours in Brotherhood,

A. Paul,
First let me congratulate you for getting back into the Scouting program! The best time in Scouting can be this time with your son.

As to your question, you are one of a few. Most of our members are registered with Boy Scout troops. However, as a previous member of the Order, you are able to reinstate your membership even though registered on the Cub Scout side of the program. The Order of the Arrow is an integral part of the Boy Scout program. As such, it is appropriate to use the Boy Scout sign and salute when participating in any OA event.

You would continue to use the Cub Scout sign and salute as you work with in the pack and den with the Cub Scouts.


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