Ask the Chairman - What is the role of the national chief within the BSA?

Q: Ray,

Outside of the Order of the Arrow, does the national chief (or national vice chief for that matter) have any other responsibilities within the BSA?

A: Yes, beyond being a model Scout who embodies the principles of the BSA and supporting all entities within the Scouting program, both the national chief and vice chief have responsibilities for the BSA as a whole. 

First and foremost, both individuals are available as resources for any unforeseen duties or obligations that come before the national organization. Secondly, both the chief and vice chief actively take part in various standing committees and task forces of the BSA (e.g., Messengers of Peace Task Force, NESA committee, Scouting Alumni Association, Scouting U Board of Regents, etc.). Which specific committees the two individuals serve upon falls back to their individual interests within the Scouting program as well as an invitation from the specific committee. 

The national chief also serves as a voting member of the National Executive Board for the duration of his term. The purpose of both the national chief and vice chief serving on these committees is to ensure that a youth perspective is provided on the subject matter of the respective committee. 

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