Ask the Chairman - What is the proper way to wear the OA sash?

Q: Hi Mr. Capp,
I have read several articles concerning this and I can't find anything definitive on the difference between "wearing the sash" vs. "displaying the sash.” I was lead to believe that putting either sash hung on the belt was a display of the sash. It wasn't considered worn until it was draped over the shoulder in its proper manner. Further clarification would be greatly appreciated.

Yours in Scouting,


A: Chris, thank you for your question! I am not sure what articles you are reading or referencing, but the sash is only meant to be worn over the right shoulder, not “displayed” or worn anywhere else. You can find the official policy on page 64 of the OA Handbook (2015 edition), it states: “The sash is worn over the right shoulder so that the arrow is pointing over the right shoulder. The sash is worn diagonally across the chest. It is not to be worn in any other manner.” I think this is quite clear; it is not to be dangled over the belt in any circumstance. 

In my time in the OA I’ve seen and heard a lot of local traditions, but must admit that I’ve never heard of “displaying the sash.” It is not national policy to wear or, as you reference, “display” it on the body in any other way.
I hope that helps clear this up for you.

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