Ask the Chairman - What is Operation Arrow and how do I learn more information about it?

Q: Ray,

I've heard a lot of talk about Operation Arrow, but am not sure what the right fit for me is at the Jamboree. What opportunities are still available for Arrowmen to serve on staff at the 2017 National Jamboree and how do I find out more?



A: Christopher,

Operation Arrow is the catchy code name our youth leaders have given to the Order of the Arrow's Staff at the 2017 National Scout Jamboree. Ever since the 1950 National Scout Jamboree, the Order of the Arrow has provided a great deal of service and support, helping to deliver exceptional programs to the thousands of Scouts and Scouters who attend the National Scout Jamboree. In recent years, the Boy Scouts of America has asked the Order of the Arrow to take on even larger and more meaningful roles in administering the jamboree. 2017 will be our biggest jamboree staff yet, with over 750 Arrowmen answering the call to serve as part of Operation Arrow. 

For youth Arrowmen, there is still some space available in each of our the three main Operation Arrow component staffs: the Service Corps, the Trek Guides and the Indian Village. Youth Arrowmen are strongly encouraged to sign up for one of these areas today! More information about these program areas and exciting promotional efforts going on in the lead-up to the jamboree can be found at or you may reach out to the top leadership of Operation Arrow directly by emailing .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). When you're ready to commit, go to Select troop 6211 for OA Service Corps, 6221 for OA Jamboree Trek Guides or 6231 for OA Indian Village Staff.

While no adult staff positions remain in Operation Arrow specifically, Arrowmen of all ages are needed to provide leadership and service throughout the jamboree staff. There are literally hundreds of areas one could choose to serve at the Jamboree, and Arrowmen are the perfect fit for all of them! For example, since the OA is already playing a critical role in the jamboree Trek, adult Arrowmen could help present the programs on Garden Ground Mountain for Scouts to enjoy when they and their OA Trek Guides arrive. If you're interested in one of these opportunities, select troop 6241 for Buckskin Village, 6261 for Field Sports, 6271 for Highland Games, 6250 for Pioneering or 6281 for Garden Ground Mountain Shows and Programs. Either way, if you’re on the fence about attending the jamboree, jump in for the big win! Arrowmen are needed all over the jamboree.

If you're ready to commit to a life-changing, awesome Scouting experience and join us at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in the summer of 2017, you may apply for our staff directly at

We look forward to seeing every willing and able Arrowman at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in 2017!


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