Ask the Chairman - Two-Year Period

Q. Dear Ray:
There has been some confusion regarding a "time period" requirement.
Because of the wording "during the two-year period prior to the election," is there a minimum time requirement OF TWO YEARS that a Scout must be in the Troop or Team before he is eligible to be elected?


A. Beverly,
Thank you for your question.

There is NO minimum time to be a Scout to join the OA. If the Scout meets the camping requirement in a shorter period of time, it suggests to the other voters in the troop that they are even more active. The requirement to accumulate the 15 days and nights within two years of being elected is intended to ensure that the candidates for membership in the OA are active campers. The Order likes to see active campers both as candidates and part of the voting population in a unit to ensure that the boys voting get to see a Scout outdoors, functioning as part of his patrol and unit in real Scouting activities. These observations are what best allows the other boys to discern whether a candidate actually lives up to the Scout Oath and Scout Law and is therefore a candidate worthy of membership.

Hope this helps,

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