Ask the Chairman - Ordering OA items – National Office, Online or Scout Shop?

Q. Hi Ray,

I am looking to purchase the Founders Award pocket ribbon. Can I order it online or is there some other way to order it? What other items are available for purchase and where can I find them?


A. Elliot,
We often get asked about where certain OA items can be purchased, so thanks for your question. The Founder’s Award ribbon can only be purchased through the national office. Currently the only way to do that is by sending a note indicating what you are looking for to the office (see mailing address below) and a check. Make sure to include the date you received the award and the name of the lodge who petitioned for the award to be presented. The ribbons cost $5.00 each.

The following items are only available through the national office for individual Arrowmen to purchase:
Vigil Honor Replacement Certificates, Vigil Honor ID Cards, Founder's Award Replacement Certificates, Founder's Award Ribbons, OA Banners, OA Flags, Distinguished Service Award Lapel Pins, Distinguished Service Award Ribbons, A History of the Order of the Arrow Books, OA Legacy Fellowship Pins.

The following items are only available to lodges and should be ordered from the national office through your local council office:
Vigil Honor Certificates, Founder's Awards, OA Information Brochures, Brotherhood Certificates, LLD Trained Patches, and JTE Pins

The following items are only available to sections:
Associate Section Adviser Patches, Section Adviser Patches

The national office mailing address is:

Order of the Arrow, S325
Boy Scouts of America
P.O. Box 152079
Irving, TX 75015-2079

All other OA items are available through the national supply division via their website (, your local scout shop, or the OA online trading post (


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