Ask the Chairman - OA and the National Eagle Scout Association

Q. I heard that the OA and the National Eagle Scout Association are merging. True?

A. No, while the OA and NESA have similar values and many, many common members, the two organizations have very different missions, programs, and histories, and will continue to operate separately!

What NESA and the OA ARE doing, together, however is to cooperate in the celebration of 100 years of Eagle Scouting. Several of the key leaders of NESA joined the OA National Planning Meeting in Dallas, last month and worked with our NOAC team to develop and design a fun and meaningful program to support the 100th anniversary of the awarding of the first Eagle badge. Since both NOAC and the anniversary occur at the same time (early August), the two organizations have decided to celebrate together. The OA has a robust and successful history of hosting large national events. Think of what we will do together as having NESA hold its 100th anniversary party at our house, Michigan State University.

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