Ask the Chairman - Non-OA Adult Leaders at OA Camping Functions

Q. Ray,
Can non-OA Adult Leaders attend OA Camping Functions (e.g. lodge events, conclave, etc)?


A. Gene:
Here is a link to Section Rule VIII of the Field Operations Guide which defines who may attend a conclave. Conclave attendees must be a delegate, staff or guest. I can't see how a non-OA member could fit as anything but a guest and then only if there is a reason for them to be there and the COC or a member of the Section Key Three would invite them.

I can't answer for lodge events but I think it should and would be the same except, the lodge Executive Committee, or member of the Key Three would make the invitation.

It is important as part of our youth protection responsibilities for the people running an event to know exactly who is there and that the adult staff or delegates be registered in Scouting and current with their trainings. Guests ought to be there for a specific purpose for a set time and also escorted by a staff member who knows where they are and what they are doing at all times.

Gene, you ask an important question and I respond to you that it's not a very good idea to let just anyone attend a Scouting event unless the event organizers and the Key Three know who they are, where they are from, why they are there, and who approved it.

Hope this helps provide the information you wish to share with others.

Happy Scouting,

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