Ask the Chairman - NOAC Staff

Q. Ray,

We attended NOAC last year and are already looking ahead to NOAC 2015. We are interested in staffing this time. Can you tell us how you go about applying for staff and what generally is the nature of the commitment (outside of the actual conference)? Do you have to attend training (online or in person)? Do you have to arrive early or stay late? Just curious...

Drew and Alex

A. Drew and Alex:

First and foremost I am excited as well about NOAC 2015. We anticipating having about 15 program committees and 8 or so support committees that will all need staff for NOAC.

My recommendation if you do not have a relationship with a National Committeeman in your part of the country, is to get to know the Section Chief and Section Adviser and ask for their recommendation on where you should serve and second, for their help in recommending you to the Lead National Committeeman for that specific program or support group.

Reach out to that Lead Adviser prior to October 1, 2014 and let them know you are interested and your qualifications. Then on October 1, 2014 go online and register and apply for staff at NOAC 2015. Follow-up with a note to the lead adviser that you applied and remind him or her of the recommendation from the Section Chief and the Section Adviser.

If you know and have a relationship with a National Committeeman, he or she can give you practical advice, probably similar to what I am saying, but can get you in touch with the Lead Adviser directly.

Finally and most importantly, clue your Lodge Chief and Lodge Adviser in on what you plan to do and ask for their help. They need to know what you hope to do. Remember they will have to ask the Scout Executive on your behalf to sign the staff application for NOAC.

Hope that helps a bit!

Yours in Brotherhood,

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