Ask the Chairman - NOAC 2015 Questions

Q. Ray,

 I have several questions regarding NOAC 2015:

  1. Centennial sash – it is my understanding that an adult who gave up his or her contingent spot to a youth could purchase the centennial sash. When can that be done and what is the cost?
  2.  Staff notification – I have members of my council who have applied for staff and included a $100 deposit. Some have yet to hear if they were or were not chosen. If not chosen, when and how will they receive a refund?
  3.  NOAC account – I have been asked by a fellow Arrowman about his NOAC account and if I can link it to our contingent. Where can I find information on this?
  4. NOAC trainings – At last night’s monthly lodge meeting there was much discussion about signing up for training sessions. Where can I find the information?
  5. Contact information changes – How do I update my registration to include a new email address?

Thank you,
A NOAC adviser

A. Dear NOAC adviser,
Thank you for your questions regarding NOAC 2015.

A1- Information regarding the distribution and cost of the centennial sash will be released by the end of June. These items will be shipped direct to the council office based on the number of adults on the waitlist as of October 10th, 2014.

A2- Unfortunately we were not able to place everyone who applied for a staff position. We sent an email in early March to the email address we had on file for each unplaced staff member. The national OA office requested a refund check be issued and they should have them in the coming weeks.

A3- I wish I could be more helpful in addressing this question, but would suggest that you please email the NOAC registrar at He will be happy to help you with any technical questions you may have.

A4- Registration for trainings opened on April 1st. Contingent leaders should have received an email on April 1st discussing how to access this information through the Registration Portal.

A5- Please visit the Registration Portal to update your information, including your email address.

I hope these answers are helpful to you and your contingent.


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