Ask the Chairman - Members of the National Order of the Arrow Committee

Q. It seems like the members of the National Order of the Arrow Committee are a bunch of old men who are ceremonial, only. You know…holding honorary positions.

A. Well, thanks for that question. Actually, the members of the National OA Committee may be the hardest working members of ANY national Boy Scout Committee…Our Chief Scout Executive, Bob Mazucca, marveled publicly at our last NOAC that he was amazed that the OA routinely pulled off the largest gathering of Scouts in the country every couple of years with only two professional staffers…Let me assure you that NO member of the National OA Committee sits on that body without annual goals submitted and worked very hard, every year. In addition, we have several members of the National Committee who are under thirty years old, and almost 25% who are younger than forty…that may seem very old to you, but I would love to be their age again, myself…finally, Ms.Kay Trick, the first female member of the OA National Committee, and someone who still serves with great distinction, may take exception to your characterization about “old men”!!! Walk up to them at some of our national events, this summer or at an NLS/NLATS where I encourage you to get to know some of these members of the National OA Committee and let me know over time if your opinion changes.

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