Ask the Chairman - Lodge Finance

Q. Ray,
I know that the council is the steward of the funds in our OA account. Can the council remove funds from the OA account at their discretion without LEC discussion or approval?

Thank You,

A. Richard,
The Lodge Finance Manual speaks directly to this: "Debits to the account will represent disbursements from the Accounts Payable Journal for invoices approved by the Order of the Arrow lodge for payment. " That is to say that all debits are to be approved by the OA lodge for payment.

Finances are an important issue for Scouting, our Order, and handling them properly is an invaluable lesson that we can give our youth. Not only in the accounting and bookkeeping, but how we behave with each other over money, we demonstrate to the youth how to be respectful and courteous.

Thanks for you all you do for Scouting and our Order,

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