Ask the Chairman - January 3, 2015

National OA Chairman Ray Capp has been reading and answering your questions. Ray recently answered an entire batch of questions:

  1. Several parents have asked me about obtaining a visitor’s pass for the day to visit their son while at the 2015 National Order of the Arrow Conference, similar to the national Scout jamboree. Is this possible?
  2. If I earned the 50th and/or 60th Anniversary Award(s), can I also wear the ASA patch on the same sash?
  3. Since all lodges will be required to use LodgeMaster for rechartering in 2015, are there any plans for a user guide, or how to manual, for LodgeMaster?
  4. Who selects the adult candidates and when can the nomination be submitted?
  5. Is there a way that a Venturing Crew can hold an election for Boy Scouts that completed their First Class rank?
  6. Is it possible for a deceased Scout to be elected into the OA?
  7. What should happen if a Scoutmaster (either knowingly or unwittingly) certifies a Scout as eligible for election when he clearly is not eligible and that Scout is subsequently called out?
  8. Is there a congratulatory letter available from the Order of the Arrow?
  9. Is it appropriate to use elements of past ceremonies (no words, just action) including, but not limited to, the use of black robes as costumes and the attempt to hug a tree by yourself in our show?
  10. Should the Vigil Honor selection committee submit the maximum number of Vigil Honor candidates?
  11. What is the proper term for a female member of the OA?
  12. Is it possible to purchase a life membership in the Order of the Arrow?
  13. Does the lodge chief (youth member) get to vote on issues on the council executive board?
  14. Our Lodge is working on the Legacy Project history book. To whom should we send our lodge history PDF?

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