Ask the Chairman - Is the term lodge executive committee an official term?

Q: Dear Ray,
My question involves the naming of the LEC. Deciding the name "lodge executive committee" was too threatening, my lodge decided to change ​the name to "general lodge leadership". I wanted to clarify this, as I have never heard of a lodge use a name other than LEC.
Thank you,

A: Jake,
I believe it makes sense for the Order of the Arrow to use consistent names for its governing structure. All of our publications and training materials refer to the lodge executive committee as the governing board of the lodge. Calling that body by another name invites confusion for those looking for guidance from the OA concerning how to run their lodge. In my time with the OA, I have never heard that this name might be offensive, so I am perplexed as to the objection and would love to understand more what is objectionable in the term.

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