Ask the Chairman - Is the “Broken Arrow” ceremony an official ceremony?

Q. Ray,
I have heard of a ceremony for deceased Arrowmen called the “Broken Arrow” ceremony. Is this ceremony legitimate or just something a lodge made up?


A. Dear Joseph,
Thank you for your message!

The Broken Arrow Ceremony is not a nationally approved or sanctioned ceremony. There is therefore no, “official” script nor is there any set of guidelines set forth by the National OA Committee.

It IS, however, something that many lodges do employ in the sad circumstances of the death of an active Arrowman, and in each lodge where it is performed well and with class, grace and sensitivity to local Native American cultures, it can bring comfort to the family of the deceased and those who grieve.

Therefore, the local Scout Executive has the ultimate authority as to whether it is performed by the lodge of that council and may choose to review it for appropriateness from time to time.

We have no plans as a national organization to embrace, espouse or promote its use more broadly than in the lodges who choose to adopt and perform it, locally.


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