Ask the Chairman - How was the new national chairman chosen?

Q: Ray,
I have heard that there is a transition happening and that the OA will have a new chairman, soon. How does this process happen, and can you tell us who the new chairman is and how we communicate with him?
Your frequent pen pal,
A: Henry,
I have always enjoyed our various conversations and emails over these past few years! And it is true, on June 1, 2016, we will have a new National Order of the Arrow chairman. On that date, Michael G. Hoffman, will assume the chairmanship and if you do not know him, let me reassure you that he will do a fabulous job. Mike was inducted into our Order in 1978, sealed his bond in Brotherhood membership in 1979, and was chosen as a Vigil Honor member by his lodge in 1982. Mike was inducted and completed his Brotherhood in Bay Lakes Council, WI and received his Vigil in Grand Canyon Council, Phoenix, AZ.
As a youth, Mike served as lodge chief, section chief, and the 1985 national vice chief. As a youth, Mike also worked on the Philmont Scout Ranch staff in 1983, 1984 and 1985. As an adult he served as associate lodge adviser, associate section adviser and as section adviser. He was asked to join the National OA Committee in 1995 and has served as vice chairman of the training and national events subcommittees. 
The process of selecting a national chairman parallels the process of selecting one of our four region chairmen. The current chairman, in consultation with his predecessors and in collaboration with the OA national director, will at a point in his tenure (usually 5-8 years) create a slate of potential candidates (all of whom are active Arrowmen) to discuss with the Chief Scout Executive. The current national chairman and the Chief Scout Executive thoroughly discuss and vet the slated nominees and the chosen Arrowman is approached to ascertain his willingness to serve. If open to the appointment, a three way discussion is normally held in private so that the duties and responsibilities can be thoroughly discussed and the Chief Scout Executive can ensure that the selectee has ample opportunity to understand how the OA can be of support to the BSA in the coming years.
Our new chairman, Mike Hoffman comes into the role with much more experience than I did!  He has been involved in the OA almost his entire lifetime. Mike’s creativity is boundless, his achievements both in training and national events are the stuff of legend, his capacity to work with others is endless and his network of Arrowmen is unparalleled. Mike has pledged to maintain an open communication policy as I have done in my tenure as chairman. He can be contacted via email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). I have been told that he will continue to answer questions like this one and other concerns lodge leaders may have.

As we move now to a new era, I hope that you and all Arrowmen will continue to support Mike the way you have with me. 

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