Ask the Chairman - Guide for Using Lodgemaster

Q. Ray,

Since all lodges will be required to use LodgeMaster for rechartering in 2015, are there any plans for a user guide, or how to manual, for LodgeMaster?



A. Bob,

Thank you for your question. If you are wondering about this, maybe others are as well. Here are some materials which you can access which would help members of your lodge to get up to speed on the use of OA LodgeMaster:

  • There’s a great support center on OA LodgeMaster including detailed how-to’s on using the system, who to contact with issues and even some background on where and how it was developed.
  • Mike Card is the OALM project leader, and can work with lodges new to OALM to migrate them to the system. If a lodge is not currently on OALM, please reach out to Mike and begin that conversation.
  • To support lodges both new to OALM or who have access to it but are not currently utilizing it, there will be a session at NOAC next summer. This will be more a workshop than a training session, and allow for hands-on time with OALM team members to assist in the migration and hammer out any lodge-specific issues. Migration to OALM should begin before the conference.
  • There’s also a great catalog of old training materials (videos, webinars and training syllabi) that the OALM team has collected.

You may also want to know that throughout 2015, we’ll be sharing quarterly updates on the Journey To Excellence and OALM integration process, so your lodge members will be well informed on where we are heading. The deadline for being completely integrated is September 1st, 2015, so we have over 10 months to complete this and make sure the transition is smooth and orderly.

I hope this helps, Bob! Let me know if you need anything else.


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