Ask the Chairman - Election of an ineligible Scout

Q. Ray,

What should happen if a Scoutmaster (either knowingly or unwittingly) certifies a Scout as eligible for election when he clearly is not eligible and that Scout is subsequently “called out?”


A. Randy,

This is an interesting and unfortunate situation. Let me share with you how I handled this as a lodge adviser who was serving as a Scoutmaster at the same time.

If a Scout was incorrectly elected, but not called out, don’t add him to the list to be called out. Have the Scoutmaster counsel with him that it was an adult mistake and we hope he stays involved and committed to be on the ballot the next year.

If a Scout was incorrectly called out but not inducted, do not induct him and, again, have that Scoutmaster conference.

If a Scout was incorrectly inducted, counsel with the Scoutmaster and chapter adviser to help him mature, participate and be successful in the Order.

I hope this helps in what can be a difficult situation.

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