Ask the Chairman - Elected to OA

Q. Ray,
A scout, new to our troop, was elected to OA in his old troop and then transferred to our unit. Some people think that he cannot complete the Ordeal here and that he will need to be elected again. Does he have to return to his former troop to complete the Ordeal and then transfer his OA membership here? We would appreciate any help/insight you can provide.

Thanks so much.

A. Shannon,
This is addressed in the Guide to Officers and Advisers on page 23, under Candidate Status:

"If a candidate permanently relocates to a new Boy Scout council prior to completing the Ordeal, the candidate should immediately join a troop or team in the new council. A copy of the election report must be presented to the new unit leader to arrange induction in the new lodge. The candidacy period is not restarted or extended."

The candidacy period is one-year from the date of the election in his old unit.

If he is in the one year timeframe from his election, you can contact his old council’s lodge or his old unit to get a a copy of the unit election report. If you have questions, you can reach out to your lodge adviser, section adviser, or region adviser.

Hope this clears things up,

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