Ask the Chairman - Eagle Scout Congratulations Letter

Q. Ray,

My son, Brayden, just completed his Eagle Scout board of review. I understand that it is customary to ask for congratulatory letters to be presented to him at his court of honor. Besides becoming an Eagle Scout, he is also a Brotherhood member of the OA. I know it would mean a lot for him to receive a letter from the national chief and vice chief. Can you tell me how I can request a letter?


A. Suzanne,

Congratulations to your son! You have much to be proud of! The Order of the Arrow does have a letter available to be customized to Eagle Scouts from the national chief and vice chief. There is also one from the national chairman which you can download.

You may also use the search bar on the homepage searching for “Eagle Scout letter”.

Please send my best wishes for good Scouting to your son on this significant moment in his life!


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