Ask the Chairman - Does the OA trading post take suggestions for new items?

Q: Ray,
Our lodge has a lot of fun and exciting products that we do a great job of selling. I think some of them might work for the OA trading post for a broader scale. Who do we tell about our ideas for products so that the trading post can add some additional “zing” to the wares it offers on the website and at national events?
A: We would be thrilled to learn of the ideas you are using in your lodge trading post and would be happy to consider them for the OA trading post. Every year we poll the national officers for ideas and we would be delighted to learn of things you are doing which have proven to be great sellers with your youth. Our trading post lead adviser is Kay Trick and she is standing by, eager to hear of your ideas and suggestions. Please send pictures, prices and any other info you can when you suggest items to:  
Thank you for writing and making suggestions to help the OA do better in reaching our markets.

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