Ask the Chairman - Defining an Active Arrowman

Q. Ray,
There are numerous references in our various books and guides that refer to an "active" Arrowman, but no definition of what constitutes "active." Can you give me a definitive answer as to what being “active” entails?

Thank you,

A. Everette,
Thank you for your question. As you accurately point out there are several references in the Order of the Arrow Handbook that refer to “active” membership.

  • Page 15, principle ten of the ten induction principles - “Active Membership: Lodge policy must recognize that if a member understands the Obligation of the Order and is striving to fulfill it, he is an active member, and this dedication in itself accomplishes the major service of the lodge.”
  • Page 32, under OA troop/team representative, it discusses “...encourage Arrowmen in the unit to be active in the lodge and seal their membership in the Order by becoming Brotherhood members.” Part of the Brotherhood membership requirements is the letter they must write, defining their plans for their future in the Order.
  • Page 40, under service in the lodge, it states: “Your participation in lodge activities will help you become acquainted with a project or committee in which you can serve actively.”

So it boils down to:

  • Understanding the Obligation and trying to live by it,
  • Participating in the lodge/chapter activities, and
  • Becoming a Brotherhood member.

I would add one other thing to this list: being a member in good standing in the BSA and the lodge by paying your dues. Without fulfilling these two obligations you can’t be a member of the lodge.

I hope this helps.

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