Ask the Chairman - Courtesy Letter

Q. Hello Ray,
Last night, during our OA election, our OA Lodge Adviser told me that I would not be able to receive a courtesy letter this year for the Scouts from our troop who are elected into the OA. Typically, the courtesy letter let's another lodge know that it is OK to call-out Scouts that had been elected in another Lodge. He told me that since we had not attended our home summer camp for the last 3 years, we could not get the letter. Is this sanctioned by national? If not, what can be done so our boys can be recognized for their efforts?

Thank you for your time.

A. Hello Jim,
Nationally, the OA leaves many decisions up to the individual lodges. Some lodges allow troops who travel to summer camps outside of their council to participate in the visited lodge's call-out ceremony. From the national OA point of view, we accept and acknowledge this practice. However, it remains up to the home lodge to make the written authorization at its sole discretion.

If the home lodge allows this practice, the unit leader presents a letter from the home lodge chief and lodge adviser, requesting the call-out and identifying the members to be called out. A signed copy of the home lodge's unit election report must accompany this letter. The home lodge chief and lodge adviser must receive confirmation of the call-out following the event.

Hope this helps,

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