Ask the Chairman - Changes to the Vigil Sash

Q. Dear Mr. Capp,
I am a new Ordeal member and I have been wondering why did Order of the Arrow change the Vigil triangle on the Vigil sash? I have been looking through old photos of the Order of the Arrow and saw how E. Urner Goodman, Caroll A. Edson, and others would have a Vigil triangle outside the Order of the Arrow Vigil sash. I am just curious and would greatly appreciate if you could answer my question.

Yours in Brotherhood,

A. Andrew:
Thank you for your question. Over the years the OA sash has evolved. The very first sash for Vigil Honor (then called Third Degree) members was a “bib sash” constructed of three separate bands and was worn by Goodman and Edson in 1921. The first over-the-shoulder Vigil Honor sashes (then called Third Degree bands) were issued in 1922, made of wool felt, and featured a
large felt triangle with three arrows.

Around 1951 the Vigil sash was changed to a small silk-screened triangle. In 1955 the felt sashes were replaced with the now familiar embroidered sashes; the Vigil Honor sash with the smaller triangle.

It sounds like you might be interested in learning more about the history of the OA sash. I would suggest the OA History Timeline:

I hope you will continue to learn more about the rich history of the Order as we approach our Centennial Celebration!

All my best,

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