Ask the Chairman - Centennial Totem

Q: Ray, is our lodge required use the OA centennial totem on our lodge flaps and memorabilia items for NOAC 2015?

A: Thanks for your question and interest in having your lodge join in our centennial celebration!

The centennial logo and totem were created to give the Order a symbol for our centennial celebration. While it is not mandatory, it is our hope that all lodges will use the totem as part of all their centennial celebrations including lodge flaps and other memorabilia which will be used to commemorate both the 100th anniversary and the 2015 National Conference. I suggest that lodge leaders take some time to read the comprehensive branding guide that has been developed for our centennial. It will provide direction on how to appropriately employ the centennial totem, logo and theme statement. We are also asking lodges to consider issuing a single-piece 100th anniversary lodge flap (not NOAC related) bearing the totem.

As a way of preserving the Order’s celebration of the centennial, lodges are being asked to send one of each item to the National Scouting Museum in Irving, Texas. These items – including shirts, flaps, buckles, etc. – will be put into a large collection to archive our 100th anniversary.

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