Ask the Chairman - Centennial Sash Design

Q. Hello Mr. Capp,
I have had several questions about the centennial sash, the most common one being whether there will be Ordeal, Brotherhood and Vigil Honor models to be worn by appropriate recipients, or whether all of them will be Ordeal. I can tell you, as a contingent leader it sure would be a lot easier to distribute 80 of one kind! What are the final plans for the red sash?

Thank you once again for your time and for what you do.


A. Hi Dave,
I hope you are getting as excited about the upcoming NOAC as I am! As to your questions, rest assured:

  • We will utilize one, standardized centennial sash design at the conference. All NOAC participants, regardless of honor level, will receive this sash.
  • Conference sashes will be distributed to contingent leaders during the check-in process.

I hope this helps you to answer the questions of your contingent members!


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