Ask the Chairman - Can you transfer to another chapter within a lodge?

Q: Ray,
After being inducted as an Ordeal member or sealing your membership in the Brotherhood, must you stay registered in the same chapter, or are you allowed to transfer into another chapter within the same lodge?
Yours in cheerful service,

A: Chelanja,
Thank you for your question! There is a section on page 15 of the Guide for Officers and Advisers entitled “Lodge Membership Fees and Dues” that may help. Dues are paid to the lodge and your OA membership records are maintained at the lodge level. Your OA membership card is issued by the lodge secretary, not the chapter. So it boils down to whether your lodge rules permit you to transfer between chapters.
Generally speaking, you belong to the OA chapter and its district where your troop/team is assigned. So if you move and join another unit in a different district, you ask to be transferred to its chapter. If you are interested in making a change for some other reason, I would suggest you contact your lodge chief or lodge secretary.
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