Ask the Chairman - Can a Scout be elected to the OA if he is moving and leaving the unit?

Q. Ray,

A Scout in my troop is eligible for election to the OA, and is moving within the next two weeks. Our unit elections are going to be held two weeks after he moves, but he will still be registered with our troop at the time of the election. Would it be proper to keep him on our ballot in this case? 

He has been a great help to our troop over the past few years, and I would not like to deny him the opportunity to be elected by the Scouts in our troop. I realize that membership should be based upon commitment and service while within a unit, but I do not see why it would be necessary for him to essentially go through the process all over again, as he has put forth great effort for our troop and is widely respected, but the same may not hold true for a new troop, just because they will have to get to know him and he will have to "prove" his leadership and cheerful service to them.

My chapter adviser, a few others and I believe that so long as we are able to provide a copy of the election report to his new troop and council and/or lodge, then we should be able to still elect him here, but none of us really have any idea.

Thank you in advance, and I look forward to hearing your reply on this matter.


A. Tyler,

Thanks for asking about this so that you would be sure to do right by the young man and stay in compliance with the OA guidelines.

Your conclusion is the right one. The Scout should be listed as a candidate on the current troop’s eligible list. If he gets elected, providing a letter and a copy of the election report to the Scout’s new troop and lodge should allow him to be inducted in the new lodge, assuming, of course, that he registers in a troop in the new council shortly after the move.

For your reference you also might want to get a copy of the newly revised Guide to Inductions. It has a much more robust section in it about OA elections, which might clarify questions your Arrowmen are likely to ask as time goes on.

All my best,


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