Ask the Chairman - Camping Requirement II

Q. Ray,
We have recently moved to another city and someone told me that the the camping requirement must be fulfilled with only one troop. Do we have to start over the days and nights of camping?


A. Richard,
The days and nights of camping are handled just like the other OA election eligibility requirements. A Scout doesn't have to re-earn First Class when he transfer to a new unit, and he doesn't have to restart accumulating nights of camping from zero.

No one can add extra requirements, but the Scoutmaster is the person that certifies the eligible members to the election team. If your Scoutmaster is satisfied with your proof of camping in your old unit then that carries over to your new unit. If he has concerns, you can get whatever records exist in your old unit, or perhaps a letter from your old Scoutmaster.

Hope this helps,

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