Ask the Chairman - Brotherhood Letters

Q. Ray,
What should become of the letter that an Ordeal candidate writes to the lodge secretary?

Thanks for your opinion on this,

A. David,
Brotherhood letters are an excellent way to find out how an Arrowman wants to serve. The exact handling of the letters after they have reached the Lodge Secretary is determined by lodge leadership. The Lodge Executive Committee may find these useful to discover new talents and ambitions within the membership. Many lodges make note of the ambitions of the new Brotherhood members then dispose of the letters. However, some lodges file the letters for future reference or even return the letter to the member after a certain period of time as a reminder and encouragement to serve. I encourage the LEC to use the letters as a way to engage and encourage members who have fully completed their induction into the Order. Conversely if a Brother chooses to write nothing of substance then counseling may be in Order to determine if they truly want to take this important step.

Hope this helps you. Please let me know if I can be of any other assistance.


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