Ask the Chairman - Are there scripts available for the installation of youth officers?

Q. Hi Ray,

I was wondering if you would be willing to share the officer installation script that you use at the national planning meeting for the national officer installation?
Thanks also for your leadership!


A. Dear Paul,
Please find below the oath of office I have administered to the new officers to install them into their positions. I have modified this oath slightly over the years, and my predecessor used a different one; I suspect my successor will do so, as well. But if you like it, please feel free to use it, or if you write one you prefer, please remember to send it to for possible addition to the OA best practices repository so that other lodges or sections can see it and use it for their own installations.

Oath of Office
Raise your hand in the scout sign and repeat after me:

  • I, (name) hereby promise on my honor as a Scout:
  • To faithfully fulfill my duties as (office title),
  • To live daily by the Scout Oath and the Scout Law,
  • To observe and preserve the traditions of the Order,
  • To cheerfully provide a positive example for all,
  • And to serve others so far as I am able.

Administrator of Oath:

  • I now pronounce you: (office title)
  • Taps the right shoulder 3 times

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