Ask the Chairman - Are Arrowmen allowed to wear OA Legend patches on their sashes?

Q. Hi Ray,
With the NOAC 2015 fast approaching, Scouts from our troop that are participating are getting anxious and excited about this trip! In preparation for NOAC some Scouts are asking about the OA Legend strip patch which I see some Arrowmen wearing on their sash. It seems that some of them have seen a 100th anniversary Legend strip (in red) to go with the centennial sash. But it is my understanding that this is NOT an official item, nor they are allowed to have a Legend strip on their sashes. What is the national policy on "Legend strips”? Is this a lodge decision to allow members to wear these patches? Thank you so much for your help.

Best regards,

A. Rafael,
Thank you for your note. I am glad you are checking on this.

The Legend is not an official patch and is not sanctioned for use with the official Order of the Arrow sash. While I have not yet personally seen the red ones pop up, they would also be prohibited. In addition, the wearing of the Legend strip is inconsistent with the ten induction principles, namely symbolic progression. Individuals outside of the Order should not be exposed to elements of the Ordeal Ceremony prior to their induction. The Legend strip provides a hint as what is to come in the Ordeal Ceremony.

It is fun for me to hear that your Scouts are excited about the centennial conference and I hope they have a blast.

I sure plan to!

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