Ask the Chairman - April Fools

Q. I was talking with an Arrowman who had seen some seemingly real policy announcements posted on the Internet from the national Order of the Arrow committee. It turns out that they were intended to be April Fools jokes but were not clearly identified as such. Maybe you could address these in your Ask the Chairman forum?

A. Many people have read blog entries posted on 4-1 which have caused a minor firestorm...these are all practical jokes published in celebration of April Fool's Day...some are pretty funny, but none are official...none of the things they suggest are even being contemplated by the National Order of the Arrow, just to dispel rumors, without giving any credence to the actual blog or writing, I will state unequivocally that the following are myths:

April Fools Myth #1- The Vigil Requirements have changed to make it easier to be elected. Untrue

April Fools Myth #2- The National Chief is now going to be called the National President. Untrue

April Fools Myth #3- The Order of the Arrow has restricted the type of wood to be burnt in ceremonial fires. Untrue

April Fools Myth #4- Bonnets and Regalia have been banned. Ceremonial and official positions will be designated with large neck medallions. Untrue

April Fools Myth #5- There is a new list of 8 requirements to become a Vigil Honor member. Untrue

April Fools Myth #6- There a national tracking sheet to score potential candidates for the Vigil Honor. Untrue

The authors of these joke posts actually date their entries to help dispel the very rumors they create with their posts...please do not believe very much of what you read about the OA outside of the official OA

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