Arrowman turns passion into Eagle Scout project

By Nicholas Goldrosen

When Ryan Ensmann of Wihinipa Hinsa Lodge was drafting up his Eagle Scout project, the competitive cyclist wanted to do something that helped others enjoy the sport he loved. Thus came his unique idea to hold a bike safety training event for the children of his Pearland, TX community.

“I am a cyclist, and teach indoor cycling classes, so I wanted to teach kids about bike safety,” said Ensmann. To that end, his project featured a number of stations, such as those focusing on bike repair, proper signaling and other skills for safe riding. “The stations included helmet and bike fitting, bike tune-up and instruction in signaling,” he said.

The first station checked bikes for tire inflation, helmet fit and seat height. Additional stations repaired bike maintenance issues and taught attendees safe riding techniques. Constable Buck Stevens of the Brazoria County Constable’s Office provided bike helmets to all attendees who needed them.

The event culminated in several opportunities for the attendees to put their newfound skills to use. “A signaling station was set up where we taught the kids how to signal. Then, we had them demonstrate this skill on a small course. While doing this, we reviewed their control of the bike to make sure they were riding safely. And to finish off the event, we led a ride around Sasser Park with all of the kids,” said Ensmann.

The planning for Ensmann’s project was lengthy. “I was able to work with Constable Buck Stevens, and he helped me in getting a location for the event. I then drafted the different stations. The biggest challenge was working with the city to find a location, though. I had to work through a lot of people, and it was quite a long process,” he noted.

All in all, the day was a success. 12 children from the community gained valuable bike safety skills. Ensmann reflected, “I think they especially enjoyed the group bike ride at the end of the event.” Speaking personally, Ensmann said, “My favorite part was the execution of it; seeing all of the kids come to it excited and engaged was really fun for me.”

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