Are You Ready for the Innovation Center?

Do you have a burning question about the Order of the Arrow, a wild idea for a new program, or a desire to dive into strategies for creative leadership? If so, then the Innovation Center at NEXT is the place for you. Arrowmen will have the opportunity to join in the exhilarating endeavor of dreaming a new, exciting future for the Order of the Arrow throughout the conference in NEXT’s hub for up-level thinking and radical creativity.

Throughout NEXT, the Innovation Center will serve as a home for boundless imagination and exciting conversations that catalyze new, transformative ideas. At the Center, Arrowmen will be welcomed by a team of all-star mentors and coaches to help them think about the Order through new lenses. All that’s necessary is a mind open to thinking differently, lots of challenging questions, and a willingness to share one’s views on the future of the OA. In addition to helping refine ideas for new programs, this space will provide a forum to talk through challenging questions. The Innovation Center will also focus on collecting and sharing stories about how delegates experience meaning and value in the OA.

The Innovation Center will be a place for dreaming, a place for incredible creativity, and a second home for all delegates at NEXT. The Innovation Center is a place where creativity, strategy, imagination, and leadership intersect. We hope you will come prepared to join us as we explore new horizons for the future of the Order of the Arrow. Are you ready to explore, dream, and discover?

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