Agaming Maangogwan gives back to MSU

By Joshua Squirrell

Agaming Maangogwan Lodge of Michigan Crossroads Council has engineered an ingenious method to encourage Scouts to participate in fundraising endeavors— through football. The lodge partners with Michigan State University to assist in the assembling and dismantling of the stadium each year.

The process comes in two waves. “At the start of the season, the lodge puts up thousands of seats for the season ticket holders who purchase them,” says Nick Crosser, Agaming Maangogwan Vice Chief. In addition to distribution of the seat backs, the lodge is also responsible for replacing ones that have become worn during the season. They make $1 per seat, 50 cents when they’re put up and 50 cents when taken down. In the second segment, at the conclusion of the season, they clean up the stadium and take down the seatbacks. “Once down, these seats are stacked, wrapped and placed back into trucks,” explained Crosser.

During the second wave, they make an event out of it, pairing it with a chapter campout. There, they strengthen the bonds of brotherhood with games and they hold ceremony practices. This project outlives the history of Agaming Maangogwan, dating back to the Gabe-Shi-Win-Gi-Ji-Kens Lodge from Lansing, Michigan, now a legacy lodge.

In addition to their efforts with the seat backs, the lodge also runs a concession stand to sell food and drinks to attendees. This opportunity is intended for Arrowmen, but all are invited - Scouts, families, and more! After each occasion, the lodge holds an open LEC to recap the project.

Annually, Agaming Maangogwan Lodge brings in between $10,000 and $12,000, which is used for camperships and the James E. West Fellowship. “About half goes to council. It’s a great way to serve and give back to council”, says Lodge Chief David Clegg, who has been working with his leadership team to continue this tradition. “It is a great thing, it allows us to really connect with the community and the school. The Order of the Arrow has a historical relationship with Michigan State University and we love that we can keep our affiliation with them alive”

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