A Scout is clean, and so is one’s wardrobe during the jamboree!

Laundry service for all jamboree staff will begin on July 18th and continues through July 26th, 2017. Located in the medical tent area for Camp Bravo, which is the headquarters area for Camp Echo, the laundry service will provide cleaning for $10.00 per bag and $6.00 per dry cleaning item. During their first visit, staff members will receive one laundry bag free of charge; additional bags cost $5.00 each. It is important to legibly print your last name and tent number on your bag with a permanent marker, which will also be provided. You can pick up your bag the next day at the same location and time that you dropped it off; dry cleaning will take a day and half. Make sure to check your pockets, as the laundry service is not responsible for items that are left in garments. 

Even if you plan to do laundry regularly, it is a good idea to have extra staff polos to make sure you look sharp, even on laundry day. In addition to polos, make sure you’re prepared to fuel Scouting’s adventure with these important items.

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