Q/A: E-mail of Vigil Selection Procedure

Q: I am a Lodge Vigil Chairman and I don't have access to buy the new ceremony guide until our upcoming lodge event at which time I am to run the Vigil selections. I know how we have done them in the past yet wish to comply with the new rules set forth by national. I would request if it is at all possible to e-mail me the rules for Vigil selection or the current changes. I would greatly appreciate your time and help.

A: We can not email copies of national publications. The information you want is in the Guide for Officers and Advisers #34997A, Revised 1999, pages 31-32. Your adviser should be able to get you a copy.

Incidentally, the Vigil selection procedure spelled out in the Guide has not changed in the past few years. A new printing of the Vigil Ceremony book was released in July, 1999, but it covers the ceremony, not the selection process.

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