Q/A: Reprinting Web Site Material

Q: Is it possible to reprint material from the OA web site and the National Bulletin in local lodge newsletters and other lodge publications?

A: In general, you may freely reprint material from the national OA web site in local publications as part of the program of the OA as long as you give credit to where the material came from. A simple byline of "from the National OA Web Site, www.oa-bsa.org" is fine.

We do ask that material on the national OA web site not be copied to a local web site. Instead, please use a link on your site to the appropriate page on the national site. (For example, a simple entry like "The OA Strategic Plan [on the national OA web site]" is quite common.) This ensures that your users will always receive the most accurate and updated information, and it also saves you unnecessary time editing or retyping our pages into your site.

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