2016 Conclave Training Initiative

Three sessions are available for the 2016 Conclave Training Initiative: 

Alumni Relations
Alumni Relations is the "A" in "OA." This session will teach Arrowmen how to develop a successful alumni program in their lodge and council.

With more and more Arrowmen carrying smart phones, it is becoming easier to get information in the hands of our members. This session will teach Arrowmen the basics of developing quality eNewsletters.

OA High Adventure
The Order of the Arrow High Adventure program provides Scouts between ages 14-20 the opportunity to experience one of the four Boy Scouts of America’s national high adventure bases on a whole new level. This session will give Arrowmen a basic understanding of each of these four programs.

Both of these sessions are available in the CTI section. Sections are encouraged to download the latest material for use in upcoming conclaves.

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