2015 National Award Recipients

2015 Distinguished Service Award Selections

The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) was created in 1940 to honor Order of the Arrow members, youth and adults, who have rendered distinguished and outstanding service to the Order on a sectional, regional, or national basis. Since 1940 only 965 persons, including the 2015 Class of 57 recipients, have been selected to receive the Distinguished Service Award.

2015 Red Arrow Award Selection

The Red Arrow Award is presented by the National Order of the Arrow Committee for distinguished service to the Order by either non-Scouters or Scouters who are not members of the Order of the Arrow. A limited number of awards are presented to those persons whose accomplishments are of the highest order. Since 1967 only 56 persons, including the 2015 class of 1 recipient, have been selected to receive the Red Arrow Award.

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