2014 Conclave Training Initiative

The Order of the Arrow’s 100th anniversary marks a significant milestone in the organization's rich history and certainly deserves a lot of celebrating. The celebration has already begun, and will grow in size and scale as we approach the 2015 National Order of the Arrow Conference. With tens of thousands of Arrowmen attending a conclave in 2014, section conclaves represent the largest venue available to offer national training. With the immense amount of information and logistics to share with lodges in relation to the centennial, our 2014 conclaves will be a crucial opportunity to disseminate information.

The 2014 Conclave Training Initiative is avaiable in the Conclave Training Initiative Section or by clicking below.

Updated in June with the following:

  • More information on the centennial fire
  • Updates on the Arrowman Service Award & Centurion Award
  • Updated Centennial Challenge Requirements
  • Information on the centennial logo and totem and centennial branding guidelines

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