100th Anniversary 2012 Milestone FAQ

Q: What is the purpose of the engraved rocks each lodge has been asked to provide?
A: The purpose of collecting the rocks from each lodge is to create a display at the 2015 National Order of the Arrow Conference, as part of our 100th Anniversary Celebration. We invite each lodge to participate in the project. The idea is to give a permanent snapshot of the lodges which made up the OA at our Centennial.

Q: Why do we need to ship our rocks now if they aren’t going to be used until NOAC 2015?
A: The deadline was established so that the architects can start measuring and planning how to use the individual rocks which will consist of various sizes and shapes. Shipping your rock now ensures it is included in this project.

Q: What do we do if our lodge didn’t receive a box to ship our rock in at NOAC 2012?
A: Don’t worry, any shipment box will do. Please note your rock should not exceed 20 x 8 x 6 inches.

Q: Where should my lodge mail our rock?
A: Rocks should be mailed to Ray Capp at 9 Warwick Lane, Nashville, TN 37205.

Q: Can my lodge use a rough rock or should rocks be smooth?
A: The use of rough rocks is fine. Rocks of character and interest are encouraged.

Q: Can my lodge affix a plaque to the rock instead of engraving it?
A: The architects of this project strongly prefer engraved rocks such that the rocks themselves create the character and diversity of the finished project rather than metallic or other add-ons that would not aesthetically contribute to the overall structure.

Q: Does each lodge have to provide an engraved rock?
A: The project is completely voluntary, but we would be saddened to learn of any lodge which did not wish to be part of a permanent tribute to honor the lodges as part of the 100th Anniversary Celebration. Rocks may be purchased using this order form.

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