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National Committee: Immediate Policy Changes


In recent years, youth membership in the Order of the Arrow has declined significantly — down 18 percent since 2015. These changes have impacted lodges, and their ability to support councils and deliver program.

Jun 07, 2019     Announcements
20/20 CHALLENGE-Callout #2-- Fundraising Ideas

Are you excited about going to NOAC 2020, but unsure how your lodge can raise enough money? Hopefully your lodge leadership is already thinking about fundraising and may have even started already. The more money you raise, the more Arrowmen can attend this outstanding event August 3-8, 2020 at Michigan State University!!

May 17, 2019    
Legacy Projects Fuel T’Kope Kwiskwis Lodge’s Cheerful Service

Each one of us has that special council camp we call home. It could be where we had our first campout, where we earned our first merit badge or maybe even where we went through our Ordeal and became part of something greater. Regardless the meaning or the reason, each of us has wished to leave our mark on the camp that has given us so much. That is exactly what T’Kope Kwiskwis Lodge did at three of their council camps.

May 02, 2019     OA Today
The Arrowman in Antarctica

Tim Lynch, Eagle Scout, is living the dream, with a heart for adventure.  He recently spent six months in the world’s most remote landscape, the frozen continent of Antarctica, as part of the United States Antarctic Program at McMurdo Station.

May 02, 2019     OA Today
California Arrowmen Support Fire Relief

In late November last year California was hit by its most destructive wildfire in history. For two weeks the Camp Fire spread over 150,000 acres affecting countless lives. After the devastating fire Arrowmen from all across the State of California took charge and stepped up in order to aid their communities and help their fellow Scouts and Scouters.

May 02, 2019     OA Today